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Today’s Inspiration – Arne & Carlos

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of Arne & Carlos, famed Norwegian knitwear designers. They have a lovely selection of quirky videos on their YouTube channel. I particularly enjoyed the review of their favourite vintage knits, and the tour of their extraordinarily snowy garden.

This type of pattern has long appealed to me. I love the knit sweater that my brother bought in Iceland and also my Fair Isle inspired knit from Land’s End. If it wasn’t so punishingly expensive I’d buy one of these Dale of Norway sweaters. However, aside from liking to wear these types of patterns, I hadn’t ever thought about incorporating them into my design work. However, watching the video of Arne and Carlos discussing the knit patterns they like, I realised that I have in fact been drawing these types of patterns for some time – patterns in which there are rules about the length, spacing and structure of the lines that are similar to the rules that exist in knitwear.

I enjoy discovering this type of connection. I find that it sparks a rich vein of inspiration when two things you like come together.

In these sketches I was exploring a structural way to represent trees. I think they would look good as knitwear patterns. It was particularly interesting to hear Arne & Carlos talking about the semantics behind the different knitwear patterns in Norway. Next step: to do some more research into typical patterns and what they mean.


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